This package version requires R >= 4.0.5

New functions

  • extract_ROI(): Light-weighted function to extract pixel values from pre-defined regions-of-interest (ROI) from RLum.Data.Image-class, array or matrix objects and provide simple image processing capacity. While the function comes with a simple control plot output, the results can be passed also to plot_ROI()

  • write_R2TIFF(): Export RLum.Data.Image and RLum.Data.Spectrum objects or a list of such to TIFF Images. A convenient wrapper around the function tiff::writeTIFF()

Bugfixes and changes

  • If elements of type matrix, data.frame or vector were merged, usually attributes, additional to the standard attributes (e.g., class for data.frame) were lost during the merging. Now, such attributes are preserved so far they are not of a similar name as the standard object of the object element (e.g., dim for matrix or class for data.frame). This small addition allows to merge more complex objects and retain all attributes for further processing.
  • The plot messed with the par() settings, which was problematic if, for instance, a second x-axis was wanted; fixed.
  • The function examples were not anymore up-to-date; fixed.
  • Minor correction of the colour legend, which did always show the highest value
  • New ... argument zlim_image to maintain a consistent z-scale over a series of images.
  • The colour stretching could fail for lin and a lot of zero values; fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that let plot_RLum.Data.Spectrum() crash under very particular circumstances due to a wrong conditional statement.
  • If the count limits are oddly chosen, i.e. limit_counts is smaller than the actual number of counts on the z-scale, the function does not crash anymore but replaces the value with the lowest possible value.
  • The argument box for the plot persp now accepts alternate for the customized plot without the box usually drawn around the plot.
  • The function now returns the adjusted matrix used for the plotting regardless of whether the argument plot is set to TRUE or FALSE.
  • If the plot type is persp, the default, the “viewing transformation matrix” is returned as an attribute pmat. This can be further used in conjunction with the function graphics::trans3d to add additional information to the graphic.
  • The function returned a wrongly calculated optical density, using log() instead of log10; fixed.= Note: The shiny filter app was not immediately affected because the values here were taken from a spreadsheet.
  • The output object is now invisible since the function’s main purpose is to plot a graphic and not return an object.
  • Add support for the new function extract_ROI()
  • Add new argument bg_image to support background image plotting
  • The numerical output is now consistently invisble as it is for all plot functions in the package